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Senior Software Development Engineer – Visual Network

Senior Software Development Engineer – Visual Network (multiple openings available)

Work on virtual network architecture, design, development, and deployment and collaborate with multiple product teams and customers. Apply network virtualization technologies in various products including IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), newer computing models like containers, and virtual network gateways. Leverage hardware offloading technologies and related software stacks in many network virtualization areas. Identify technical risks and implement technical design/solutions into network operating systems, supporting smooth operation and availability of flagship products. Provide feedback to Infrastructure and development teams on how to improve overall quality and reliability of the operation services from the virtual network viewpoint.

The position requires Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, or related field and 60 months of experience in the job offered or related occupation,


36 months (of the 60 months) of experience must include:

- Virtual network technologies such as VXLAN, OpenvSwitch, EVPN, etc.
- Mainstream programming languages such as C/C++, Go, Python, Perl etc.
- Network protocols (TCP/IP, LLDP, or CFM BGP)
- Developing end-to-end virtual network stack including virtual network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Worksite: Mountain View, CA

Job Code: BDMTV21-207

Send resumes to: ByteDance Inc., O. Seemangal, 250 Bryant Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Must reference job title & job code when applying.

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