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Staff Software Engineer

o Apply expertise on analyzing emerging or existing massive data to create and scale insights and develop models to support specific business needs and enhance ByteDance products’ efficiency.

o Lead technical design of critical software components for ByteDance products, applications and platforms in order to respond with appropriate problem solving to maintain a good performance of software applications especially when dealing with huge amounts of data and rapidly increasing internet user applications.

o Use required technologies to support, maintain, and upgrade code and participate in necessary redesign and reimplementation of existing components of Bytedance software applications.

o Identify technical risks and implement technical design/solutions into testable and deployable software services associated with ByteDance’s flagship products such as TikTok/Douyin.

o Utilize computer languages and tools, algorithms skills and technologies to develop technical solutions for software products development or alterations.

o Contribute substantially to the re-design of Bytedance software applications to improve maintenance cost, testing, functionality, platform independence, and performance.

o Independently design medium or large- size projects that are part of a multi-system project.

o Work closely with engineering, marketing, user growth and additional teams to deepen recent technological gains and integrate technical solutions.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or related field,


60 months of post-baccalaureate experience in each of the following:
o C++, Java, Javascript, Python;
o Distributed Systems, Privacy, GWT;
o Angular; Dart; and
o Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, UI development.

60 months of experience must be progressively responsible post-baccalaureate experience.

Quarterly travel to China to participate in meetings held at ByteDance's affiliate company in China, fully reimbursable by employer.

Worksite: Mountain View, CA

Send resumes to: ByteDance Inc., Lucy Liu, 250 Bryant Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

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