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Solutions Engineer, Ads
ByteDance Inc.

Solutions Engineer, Ads (multiple openings available)

- Solve complex software engineering and technical issues; build and ship new products as well as end-to-end customized solutions in collaboration with Ads Product Engineering teams.
- Utilize engineering and technical expertise to coordinate the design, development, testing and implementation of apps and software systems to enhance productivity levels and data integrity in support of internal teams and external clients.
- Assess technical security and implications of proposed technical requirements to develop testing programs addressing database impacts, software defects, negative testing, or bug tests.
- Create technical design of critical components for company products in order to respond with appropriate problem solving to maintain good performance of software applications especially when dealing with huge amounts of data and rapidly increasing internet user applications.
- Collaborate closely with product managers, R&D engineers and sales team to drive technical integration between client needs and product features including coding, testing, launching, and troubleshooting, and solve the technical problems encountered by outside partners such as advertisers.

The position requires Masterís degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or a related field,


36 months of experience in:

- Using programming languages Java, Javascript, C/C++, Go or Python;
- Building backend services for large-scale applications;
- Implementing computer architectures, data structures and algorithms;
- Working with advertising technology with large volume data analytics

Worksite: Mountain View, CA

Job Code: BDMTV21-224

Send resumes to: ByteDance Inc., O. Seemangal, 250 Bryant Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Must reference job title & job code when applying.

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