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Machine Learning Engineer, TikTok Ads Delivery & Auction
ByteDance Inc.

Machine Learning Engineer, TikTok Ads Delivery & Auction (multiple openings available)

- Build highly scalable machine learning systems/models to improve ads ranking quality, relevant model types include but not limited to predicted click-through rate model, predicted conversion rate model, predicted value model and so on.
- Explore, develop and experiment with new features to improve model accuracy.
- Understand ads platform objectives and take full advantage of modern machine learning to improve ads relevance and quality delivered to end users.
- Participate in the core systems and algorithms development including ads query understanding, ads targeting, ads ranking, model serving reliability, etc.

The position requires a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computational Science/Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Physics, or related field,


24 months of experience in:

• Using programming languages in Linux development environment: C/C++ or Python
• Using machine and deep learning concepts and techniques (CNN/RNN/LSTM, etc.)
• Implementation of at least one mainstream Machine Learning Programming framework (TensorFlow/PyTorch/MXNet), including its architecture and implementation mechanism
• Implementing computer architecture, data structure and algorithms

Worksite: Mountain View, CA

Job Code: BDMTV21-255

Send resumes to: ByteDance Inc., O. Seemangal, 250 Bryant Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Must reference job title & job code when applying.

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